WiFi Analytics

Build real-time customer insight


What is WiFi Analytics?

Free Wi-Fi at businesses has historically not delivered on its promise. Even if customers enjoy free access, they tend to quickly complain about slow browsing speeds or inconsistent availability.

Businesses are often pressured to have this ‘value-add’ by customers, but very rarely see any direct benefit from providing what is a complicated technical outlay.

Modern WiFi analytics solves the problem of cost by providing leverageable business intelligence about customers.

Like online stores which can track and personalise shopping experiences for returning customers, WiFi analytics allows your brick-and-mortar locations to accrue detailed data about the people you serve who pass through your front door.

By drawing behavioural observations from your Wi-Fi access points, which detect the signals sent by customers’ mobile devices, your WiFi analytics tools can augment traditional point-of-sale performance assessments and help improve your retail offerings.

WiFi analytics allow you to understand your customers’ browsing habits and attention patterns, enabling your retail stores to measure their performance against KPIs previously thought unknowable.

MORE: If this doesn’t sound like the solution you’re looking for, you can explore our other WiFi as a Service capabilities.




The Infoprotect Service

Infoprotect uses Skyfii WiFi analytics tools allow you to manage your physical locations as if they were online storefronts.

By deploying Skyfii, you will be able to measure conversions in detail, monitor and optimise your stores and offerings to meet your KPIs, A/B test new store solutions and promotions, and understand your customers’ individual shopping paths.

You can engage your customers on a much deeper and more personal level, and obtain insights that feed directly into your marketing or retail strategy. With our state of the art solutions, predicting customer behaviour is a reality.

Our WiFi analytics solutions help you understand agile information produced daily by your visitors in order to give you a strategic edge over competitors.

With WiFi analytics deployed in your stores, your data can play a critical role in your strategic decisions, customer understanding, profit and cost balance, service quality, customer retention, goal setting, promotion creation and operational efficiency.

Our analytics tool provides significant insight into the movement and habits of your customers, allowing you to better market to each of them on an individual level.

Infoprotect’s WiFi analytics solutions assist you in fine-tuning the shopping experience for your on-the-ground shoppers in real-time, effectively mimicking an online shopping environment and the multitude of benefits and advantages this provides.

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