Managed Services

Deploy effective IT solutions


What are Managed Services?

Managed IT services are most often provided by a third party contractor, where the contractor is tasked with maintaining the functionality of your IT services and infrastructure.

While these managed services vary from case to case, every instance aims to diminish the operational burden placed upon your business where IT services are concerned.

This allows you to focus on your core business concerns without the need to manage the day to day chores and tasks of keeping your IT systems effective, efficient and fully functional.

Unlike the break-fix and on-demand models of outsourcing your IT services, managed services distributes these responsibilities proactively and constantly to your service provider.

This allows you to function strategically, optimise your operations and cut extra expenses incurred by relying on billed-per-service arrangements.

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The Infoprotect Service

Infoprotect’s managed IT services help you optimise your day-to-day operations and enhance the productivity of your business.

Our expert managed IT service works to manage your systems in a reliable, predictable manner with the aim of building trust between your operations and ourselves.

We employ our vast industry experience, follow cutting edge IT industry best practice, and activate our many strategic business and service partnerships to offer our customers flexible and cost-effective solutions which remain robust and reliable throughout our contract period.

Our technology focused managed service pillars cover IT Security, ISP & Cloud, Information Management, Wi-Fi as a Service and Networking As A Service.

Our efforts to expand and diversify our market offerings to the market ensures service resolution through custom, fit to purpose arrangements created on a customer by customer basis.

Infoprotect gives our customers access to leading technical and management expertise, and follow best practices, in line with industry standards, to ensure the quality and reliability of our service levels.

All Infoprotect products and services are packaged with SLAs and guarantees, custom fitted to your business operations. We are ready to assist you and your business with your IT management needs today.

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