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What is Web Security?

Web security, or web application security, is a category of information technology security which caters specifically for websites, web applications and other web services.

Web security aims to secure confidential online data and protect it from unauthorized access, modification or misuse.

Much like app security, web security functions as a means to determine levels of user access, separate genuine users from those with malicious intent, identify and close application vulnerabilities and protect organisation critical data from loss or harm.

Furthermore, web security protocols aim to reinforce the four principles of security – confidentiality, integrity, availability and nonrepudiation – to ensure your site or web application falls in line with industry best practices and web security standards.

By applying standard security checks at each stage of your site development process, including threat modeling, risk analysis, static analysis, and digital signatures, you can guard against digital attacks and ensure your site remains uncompromised.

Some of the more most forms of exploitable vulnerability include cross-site scripting, path disclosure, SQL injection, DDOS attacks and arbitrary code execution.

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The Infoprotect Service

Infoprotect’s cloud based web security solution delivers always-on advanced malware protection and enforces acceptable use policies while shielding your mission critical systems against confidential data loss, corruption or digital theft.

This solution is ideal for businesses looking to create a safe web use environment for their employees.

We are able to provide support for your roaming and remote users,thereby extending web security protection and control outside the bounds your internal corporate network.

By making use of our proprietary security solutions, you can control which websites are accessed by your users. This helps you prevent active digital threats from being downloaded via browsers into your enterprise environment.

All web requests are validated against our sophisticated policy engine and URL categorization database to ensure appropriate content remains accessible while restricted content is access controlled.

Our policy engine is highly flexible and intuitive. It can be set to govern web use per user or group. This includes the ability to set enforceable network usage quotas by time or bandwidth.

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