Protect Your Business Data From Accidental Data Loss Or Theft


What is Encryption?

Encryption is the process by which information is encoded so that only authorised parties can decrypt and use that information, while unauthorised parties cannot gain access to the same data.

Encryption is achieved by means of an algorithm, or a calculation ruleset followed by computers, and is often used to protect sensitive information such as credit card numbers, unique identification or location information and other sets of personally identifiable data.

Once transformed, your data takes the form of unreadable ciphertext which is only accessible if a party has access to your dedicated decryption key. The principle types of key available are asymmetric, or public key, and symmetric, or private key.

Strong encryption is vital in building user trust where ensured, reliable and uninterrupted transmission of sensitive data is essential to the functioning of your digital enterprise or business.

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The Infoprotect Service

Our encryption services help you protect your critical, digitally stored information from accidental data loss or theft.

Your business laptops, tablets and other mobile devices can often be misplaced or stolen while in service, especially when travelling with your staff.

Without encryption, the plain text data on your mobile hard drives is easily accessible and ready to be exploited by whomever possesses your missing device.

Should you want to minimize your risk of exposure and data breach, and increase your regulatory compliance, you can access our encryption services and add them to your business environment.

Infoprotect deploys Symantec Endpoint Encryption, powered by PGP Technology, to provide organizations with strong full-disk and removable media encryption.

An intuitive management dashboard enables enterprise scale deployments and features compliance-based, out-of-the-box reporting.

This includes customizable reports, enabling your network and device administrators to rapidly ensure systems were protected in the case of loss or theft.

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