Virtual Servers

Ensure business uptime


What are Virtual Servers?

Unlike dedicated servers, a virtual server is a server which shares its hardware and software resources with other servers, operating systems and software. Virtual servers have the same functions as dedicated servers.

However, while dedicated servers require physical presence for each new server, multiple virtual servers can exist on the same computing machine.

Virtual servers maintain independent functionality, partitioned into virtual server environments often for the purposes of web hosting.

Internet service providers will assign different domain names, IP addresses, security measures, file directories, logs and analytics for each virtual server, isolating each virtual machine from the others present on the same physical machine.

Because they are cost-effective and provide more agile resource control, virtual servers are popular as web hosting solutions.

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The Infoprotect Service

Infoprotect’s Virtual Private Servers are designed and packaged to meet all business requirements, whether you operate a small entry level web servers or high-end SQL servers.

Our virtual environment is built for 99.99% uptime featuring fully redundant enterprise architecture which protects our virtual servers from any potential physical hardware failures or faults.

Our virtual servers can be upgraded as and when needed with additional processing, memory and storage in just a few minutes.

All virtual servers include a static public IP address with bandwidth allowance per month dependant on the selected product option. Additionally, they are manageable through a user-friendly control panel.

Our virtual server benefits include ready availability, rapid deployment, dynamic resource adjustment, enterprise level performance and automatic daily backups.

What are the benefits of our Virtual Servers?

Improved efficiency. Your company’s server footprint can be reduced by employing virtual servers in the CipherWave Data Centre. Use of the Data Centre will result in better space management as well as a drop in the power consumption and the need for on-site cooling solutions, saving your business money.

Faster Server deployment. Virtual servers can be easily replicated. They allow fast deployment in the server environment. Ideal for a quick and efficient work environment, making way for positive company growth.

Reduces downtime effects. A virtual server acts as site for efficient backup, optimising your disaster recovery planning.

Reduces cost. Virtual servers run with 90 percent utilisation. Physical or non-virtualized servers only achieve 18 percent utilisation ability. This change in utilisation represents a reduction in operational costs, enhancing enterprise efficiency.

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