Backup As A Service

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What is Backup as a Service?

Backup as a service is a data backup technique where a customer purchases backup and recovery facilities from a remote vendor, often an IT services provider.

These cloud service providers provide businesses with the ability to affordably and securely store backup data without maintaining internal IT services, architecture and computing power.

In lieu of managing physical technology on site, the customer connects their IT systems to a managed cloud service – which can be private, public or hybrid – where maintenance and service continuity is taken over by specialist administrators.

This offloads the complexity of backup procedures at the cost of a nominal monthly fee, circumventing the need to incur upgrade expenses when a business exceeds legacy storage backup.

Vitally, this ensures business data remains accessible and retrievable in case of hardware failure, theft, server outages or temporary downtime.

MORE: If this doesn’t sound like the solution you’re looking for, you can explore our other Information Management capabilities.

The Infoprotect Service

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you suddenly lost all of your company data?

Whether a virus caused havoc on your network or your server hardware failed at a critical juncture, data loss scenarios tend to be unexpected and impossible to plan for.

Reliable data backups will never be obsolete. Infoprotect has designed a backup as a service solution to ensure that your data backup concerns are eased, if not eliminated.

We implement an all-in-one hardware and software solution, driven by our in-house expertise, to deliver a fully managed backup service to the entirety of your business’s onsite IT systems.

We enable you to configure your backup procedures to run automatically within your existing corporate network, during which a duplicate data copy is sent off-site to our data centre for secure safekeeping.

This ensures that all of your critical servers are both expertly backed up by multiple full data copies which are located in unique locations in order to ease data backup and restoration.

All server and data management and day-to-day tasks are addressed by our technical specialists, which leaves you and your team free to focus on your key business priorities without worrying about the status of your data protection failsafes.

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