The Benefits of Partnerships in 2020 and Beyond

| 23 March, 2020

A powerful statement, a quote or a proverb truly illustrates its meaning when it is relevant decades or even centuries later. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” This timeless African proverb rings as true today as it was when first spoken. The benefits of collaboration are numerous for businesses and the clients they serve, and Infoprotect stands firmly by this notion. 

Stick to your Strengths

When an entrepreneur is faced with a challenge that he or she does not specialise in, it is time to look outward. A creative might hire an accountant to manage the finances, while a strategist may hire a graphic designer to execute the ideas formed in a strategy. When providing customers with a solution, the same approach is relevant. 

When Nando’s approached Infoprotect for guest WIFI services, we ensured our understanding of the requirement was clear, and then sought out the ideal partner to provide the technology we wanted to use for our solution. By scoping the project accurately from ideation to deployment, we were able to ensure a smooth process for our client and the partner we selected to collaborate with. 

This approach enabled the Infoprotect team to run the entire project with minimal co-ordination from Nando’s. While we established clear communications with our client and ensured the technical configuration met their need, our partner was able to install the ideal equipment for the ideal price. Because of this approach, Nando’s acknowledges Infoprotect as a key partner in digital communication. 

Partnerships build Relationships

When one company procures the services of another, and that company in turn outsources some of the requirements, a network of partnerships begins to take shape. There is a partnership between providers, but also a partnership with the client who trusts in the provider to recruit the best resources for the project. The client can continue business as usual, with the assurance that their primary supplier will take care of the details and the companies involved in deploying the solution. This kind of trust comes from maintaining a longstanding relationship with clients, like the relationship between Infoprotect and NMG. 

NMG required a solution involving offsite data backup. In the event of a disaster, work could continue on a second site where the data was backed up. While NMG operates in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Namibia, offsite replication to Infoprotect’s central repository in Johannesburg enables business continuity should a catastrophic failure ever occur. 

By taking a partnership-centred approach, clients like NMG are able to turn to Infoprotect for all kinds of solutions. We are able to provide guidance and advice, and our client knows that we won’t try to provide them with a product they do not need. This confidence comes only by building a relationship based on trust and integrity from the very beginning. 
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