The 4 biggest technology challenges for South African businesses in 2020

| 01 October, 2020

Infoprotect’s unique managed services approach transforms your technology weaknesses into strengths.

There have been many challenges this year, especially in the areas of business and economic activity.

Never before have we seen such a massive impact on how we do business, caused by all the ripple effects due to the global pandemic.

Of all the sectors and industries that have withstood these changes, the information and communications technology sector have probably experienced the most significant seismic shifts.

Fast changes bring fresh challenges

Being clear about the challenges ahead and how to face them head-on, will be the difference between being capsized by change or thriving through the times.

1. Managing data security and privacy. Whether its the protection of business data, or putting mechanisms in place to protect the privacy of clients and users, security management has become one of the core focuses and challenges of the modern era. Making sure safety and security is the topmost priority has become one of the core functions of any information and communications technology entity.

2. Merging the old with the new. CIOs and IT leaders will face a growing challenge in their digital transformation journeys: Merging legacy technologies with modern technologies. The fact is, many businesses still rely on legacy systems. Not all of these systems can be easily replaced. The challenge facing CIOs and IT leaders: How can you merge legacy and modern systems, without sacrificing function or security?

3. Ensuring reliable IT systems and connectivity. Whether it’s due to lockdown or load-shedding, many businesses have been experiencing lapses in their fixed-line connections. Being unexpectedly offline in a time when ongoing sales and transactions might mean the difference between staying open and indefinitely closing shop, has become an all too real scenario for many business owners.

4. Facing the skills and talent gap. As trends and technology shift on a daily and sometimes hourly basis, it is hardly possible to stay updated with all the latest skills and competencies needed to address all the emerging needs of the modern business. Whether it is through upskilling, automation of outsourcing, businesses need to put strategies in place to not be left behind in a rapidly evolving environment.

Infoprotect is the ideal fit-for-future technology partner

Infoprotect has been designing complex technology solutions for over a decade, providing innovative, reliable and secure managed IT solutions for businesses and enterprises, both nationally and internationally. Their unique managed services approach, as well as the fact that they have the ability to consolidate all your business IT needs under one roof, is but a couple of ways how Infoprotect has been expertly guiding their clients to not only survive but thrive through the challenges of 2020.

Whether it is navigating the slippery slopes of data security, fail-over connections, legacy systems or applying the latest knowledge and skills to your IT needs, Infoprotect is any business’ secret weapon when it comes to taking the worst 2020 has to offer, and turning it into a tangible opportunity for your business.

Choose, customise and control your own IT solution

Infoprotect affords any business the ability to customise their IT solution to perfectly fit their unique needs.

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