In the last couple of years the I.T landscape has changed drastically. Data and Storage has become cheaper and the majority of the work we do is situated in the cloud. However , the fundamentals have not changed.

Computer end points require management to ensure that the latest patches are installed, anti-virus is a must and you still need to ensure your data is being backed up.

When the fundamentals are not implemented and maintained correctly your business is open to threats like Ransomware. #WannaCry made a huge impact in 2017 and is said to be the largest Cyber Security attack ever. The success of the Ransomware was mainly due to systems not being patched sufficiently. Non-maintenance of the basics can lead to downtime and the loss of business-critical data.

As a managed I.T Solution Provider, Infoprotect has vast experience in providing customers with maintainance and protecting their I.T environments. We do this by implementing solutions that add resilience and mitigates risk. Day-to-day management tasks, security, backups and other services are automated, to ensure peace of mind.


How do we do it?

To ensure that all devices managed by Infoprotect are protected, an automated in house product is installed with daily checks for any potential risks. If any are found,  a notification is received and a risk profile is assigned on the found risk. The necessary measures are then taken to prevent the risk from becoming a tragedy.

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