Infoprotect’s Business PBX provides the business class with features required by today’s demanding communications needs that all businesses face. In addition to the standard features of all New Generation IPPBXs, our Business PBX includes comprehensive enhanced services, telephony applications, system administration, end user applications, customization, reliability, and setup and configuration features in a truly scalable manner.

How we can SAVE you Time & Money

  • Our VoIP allows business branch offices to communicate easily using VoIP features which rapidly reduces telephone costs and time and allows users to contact remote coworkers via extension numbers
  • Our VoIP easily creates conference bridges between employees on local or remote (overseas) levels, which directly saves significant amount of time, and possible travel costs
  • Our VoIP allows call divert to employee mobile phones that gives more flexibility, mobility and time for achieving better business results. This directly saves time and reduces expenses
  • Our VoIP browser based system administration allows users to easily navigate through the configuration. Therefore, it saves significant amounts of time and expenses on system maintenance, technical support, training, etc
  • Our VoIP usage will dramatically lower telephone communications costs

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