Using industry leading software we help alleviate the uncertainty which haunts many people when it comes to backups. Specialising in turnkey solutions to assist our customers with the best possible approach to backup their environment.

Your backups might not be running successfully or might be an admin nightmare requiring constant tape exchanges and attention to ensure that backups are running.

Seeing that backups are such a vital element of any business we believe that it shouldn’t be dependent on constant user intervention in order to operate as it should. We focus on automation and simplicity as far as possible and implement this approach in all our local and off-site deployments for our customers.

InfoProtect provides the below Backup Services through in-house skills:

  • Local Backup configuration & upgrades •  Backup assessments
  • Off-site Backups, DR & Continuity •  Media collection & storage
  • Licensing •  Backups for remote employees
  • Backup SLA •  24/7 Support



We deploy various “life changing” technologies as well as configurations to automate many of the daily administrative tasks. This reduces backup times, use less space to house backup data and ultimately increase the success rate of backup jobs.

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We provide various automated off-site backup deployments to move your backups off-site with ease.

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